Nonfiction Notes – the science and art of Steve Jenkins

tailI am always looking for good non-fiction for our library. Many of you probably already know all about Steven Jenkins and his body of work. (What Do You Do With a Tail Like This (2003) is his.) His wife Robin Page is also an author/illustrator and they collaborate often.

I recently ordered two of his newer titles, Egg (2015) and Eye to Eye (2014) for our elementary school library and was intrigued by them. Upon visiting his website, www.stevejenkinsbooks.com, I learned that he lives in Colorado (Boulder), does a ton of research, and is inspired to write many of his books based on the questions his children ask him. The website is fantastic and includes a short video about how one of his books was made that would be great to share with kids.

The books appeal to me because of the questions they tackle, and also in large part due to the amazing illustrations Jenkins creates. Typically, I prefer photographs in non-fiction but the use of collage in these books is both stunning and scientifically accurate. I love to use his book Living Color at the beginning of the year with kindergarten to showcase the wide variety of animals in our world sporting the colors the kids are learning about.

I will be ordering more books by this author (and his wife!) -Erin