Review: Wolfie the Bunny (2015)

wolfieWolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman has been getting some Caldecott buzz, so I checked it out from our public library. I must say, it is adorable! I immediately fell in love with the illustrations in the end pages. My five year old loves end pages and we enjoyed talking about the different characters we saw. (He noticed the drawing of Wolfie much sooner than I did.) The illustrations are bold, full of texture, and they draw you right in to the story. The book improves on re-reading because you will notice something new in the illustrations that you had not seen previously. This is always a plus in my book, because my children like to hear the same story over and over again. (Research supports this as a good thing!) I loved the honey bears in the market and the grumpy expressions on Dot’s face. My eight year old daughter enjoyed the story line because she could relate as a big sister who is not always thrilled with her little brother. The story is cute but it is the illustrations that really won me over. It just may be a Caldecott contender.   -Erin