Review: What Do You Do With An Idea? (2013)

What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada

This children’s picture book by Kobi Yamada is an inspiration!  What do you do with an idea

A little boy, one day, has an idea.  He tries to ignore his idea.  He worries what other people will think of his idea so he doesn’t share it with anybody.  But his idea is demanding and needs attention so the boy feeds it and plays with it and his idea just keeps growing and growing until it becomes impossible to hide.

The illustration of this little boy’s idea is (as the book describes it) “strange and fragile”.  In the beginning of the book the idea looks like an egg with legs and a crown.  As the story progresses, the idea gets bigger and bigger until it finally grows wings and takes flight.  Mae Besom, the illustrator, uses color effectively to highlight the magic of the idea in her illustrations.  It’s simple and lovely how the bold, bright idea on each page brings color to the rest of the gray and white illustration, shedding it’s brightness onto the picture around it.  As the idea grows, so does the color.  Brilliant.

My favorite part of this book is the message it sends children: do not be ashamed or try to ignore your ideas.  They are magical.  Who knows where they may take you!   -Marika