Review: Where Are My Books? (2015)

Young Spencer loves his books. Before bed, he and his mom read his favorite, Night Night Narwhal, and then Spencer puts the book away in the same spot he always puts it on his bookshelf. Life is good, until the next morning when Spencer wakes up and the book is gone! He makes due with other titles, but the calamity continues as each night more books go missing. Where are his books?

IMG_2663 Debbie Ridpath Ohi has created a fresh new book with appealing illustrations and an unexpected twist. Kids will love solving the mystery of the missing books. I was certainly surprised to find out where they had gone! This book will soon get purchased and cataloged into our school library and I look forward to sharing it with our primary kiddos. It even talks about library procedures near the end and will lend itself well to library orientation.

My 5 year old son has one question after reading – “Do narwhals really sleep?” I’m guessing it’s time to develop some research skills together! -Erin


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