Review: Sick Simon (2015)

Sick Simon by Dan Krall

This is a book teachers have begged me for. Usually this happens when the weather changes and flu season hits, but sometimes it happens earlier in the year. “What do you have that will teach my students about spreading germs?” Initially I purchased a few non-fiction titles about germs, which are great and purposeful, but here we have an engaging storyline with pictures kids will love (they turned my stomach, just like they are meant to!) Simon is sick but he LOVES school, so he continues to go. Worse than that, he is one of those kids that has no understanding of the ways he is spreading his germs to his friends and teachers.

I think this story can be effective as a teaching tool in the classroom. Teachers will have to explain that germs are really too small for us to see, unlike the pictures of the hidden germs on all of the “sick” pages. My 8 year old daughter pointed those out to me. It would be great to pair it with a non-fiction title on germs.



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